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About us

Garniture is more than just a supplier of culinary products. We support you by providing culinary convenience and unburdening you in preparation at product level. This way you can relive your creative freedom as a chef. We believe that the aesthetic value, convenience for the chef and culinary quality can go side by side!

As a fellow professional, we understand better than anyone at Garniture that taste and quality are always number 1. We therefore guarantee an exceptional restaurant quality for all our products.

As a chef, you enjoy most, when your guests experience a fantastic evening. At Garniture, we enjoy most, if we can help you to create culinary pieces of art. Garniture believes in a world in which culinary and exclusive enjoyment is accessible to everyone. Anyone can create culinary with Garniture. Our products help you as a chef with the basics and then you finish your dish with your own signature, the crowned glory of your dish.