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Aligot smeuïge puree

Category: potato shapes

Discover the Taste of France: 

Aligot Mash Let yourself be surprised by the delightful taste of Aligot Mash, a culinary masterpiece that will enchant your taste buds. Come and enjoy the irresistible combination of potatoes and cheese, straight from the French kitchen. 

The Art of Aligot: Creaminess and Cheese 

Aligot Mash is not your ordinary mashed potatoes. The secret lies in the combination of fresh potatoes, melting cheese (tomme), and a touch of garlic. These ingredients are lovingly blended to create a silky texture and a deep, savory flavor that caresses the taste buds.

A Culinary Experience 

Serve Aligot as a side dish to your favorite meat dishes and discover the magic of this creamy mash. The elastic consistency and the seductive cheese taste make every bite a culinary sensation you won't soon forget. 

Taste the Authentic French Flavor

Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of France with Aligot Mash. Whether you're a gourmet or just looking for a tasty side dish, Aligot Mash brings a piece of French tradition to your table. 


  • Microwave: 800/900W for 2 minutes for 250g, stretch, stir, then return for 20s, repeat until the aligot becomes creamy
  • Steam Oven: Gastro, covered with foil, 35 minutes at 100°C for a frozen bag. 

Frozen Packaging: 2 x 2750 g