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Grill gell and omega plate

Forget everything you know about skewers.
Discover the future of culinary delight with the Omega plate and its revolutionary bio-aromas!

Transform your dining experience into something extraordinary as you create the most stunning dishes. The Omega plate takes the art of grilling to a whole new level. Imagine your skewers being grilled at the table, going from raw to perfectly cooked, without any hassle. Simply select the right aroma from our grilling gel and dispense the recommended amount based on the type of meat or fish, weight, and desired doneness.

Your guests will be amazed by the unique table experience this brings. All they have to do is occasionally flip the skewer. Once the flame goes out, the dish is perfectly cooked. All of this happens without adding unpleasant odors, smoke, or extra fat. In no time, you have a dish full of flavor and experience!